Understanding What A Locksmith Does

Upgrading Your Home's Security? How A Locksmith Can Help

by Maëly Richard

Burglars love old technology; it's easier to compromise and less flexible than newer security systems. Take alarm siren boxes, for example. These are greatly affected by environmental elements. In contrast, CCTV systems handle weather conditions well, and you can access footage from your phone or computer.

There's no doubt that contemporary technology is more connected, offering convenience and peace of mind to homeowners. If you want to upgrade your residence's security, here are some ways a locksmith can help:

Install High-Quality Locks

An experienced locksmith will advise you on the best locks to buy for your home. While you can buy your locks, you may end up with improperly sized hardware. In other cases, homeowners install the right locks improperly, leaving their residences vulnerable to burglars.

Your locksmith will install locks that can withstand force and impact for maximum security. What's more, the technician will use a deadbolt to secure your home. It's harder to pick deadbolts, which makes them safer than regular locks. Installing deadbolts may seem easy, but one wrong move could damage the door and compromise your safety. A locksmith will use the most durable locks and deadbolts in the market to ensure you're safe.

Reinforce Your Front Door

Many burglaries feature kick-in attacks on the front door, and up to 34% of thieves use this as their entry point. The first thing a locksmith will do is determine how easy it's to get through your door. If they can get in your house within minutes, it's essential to reinforce your door.

The locksmith will reinforce your door jamb with hinge and frame protectors. It's also advisable to get a higher-security jamb solution featuring long screws and high-gauge steel. The expert can also re-pin the current locks to install security pins that prevent lock picking. 

Design Access Control Systems

Homeowners are increasingly turning to access control systems to enhance their security. These systems range from electronic deadbolts with programmed keys, fingerprint locks, door access locks, CCTV cameras, and card readers. Access control systems don't have to be complex or expensive. That's because something as simple as keypad access can significantly boost your home's security.

You can ask your locksmith for a system that integrates with other security solutions, including video cameras and alarm systems. In this way, your entire house will be sufficiently protected.

Install Window Locks

Windows are often overlooked when homeowners are evaluating their security. However, burglars can exploit unsecured windows to gain entry. A locksmith installs sliding locks, deadbolts, and high-security window locks to secure all parts of your home. You can ask for wooden or metal-framed window locks depending on your style preferences. 

Contact a locksmith for more information.