Understanding What A Locksmith Does

How You Can Pick Your Own Deadbolt Lock

by Maëly Richard

Are you trying to get into the habit of keeping your keys in a safe place because you always lock yourself out of the house? Remembering where you leave your keys is important, but you may also want to figure out how to pick a deadbolt like a professional so you can let yourself in the house. Find out in this article how you can get a deadbolt opened in no time, as well as what a locksmith might charge if you need assistance.      

What Should a Homeowner Know About Deadbolt Lock Picking?

To achieve good deadbolt lock picking skills, you must first understand how one works to keep your door secure. A deadbolt lock is designed with a pin and tumbler system to make breaking into it a difficult task. There are a few small pins inside of the pin and tumbler system that are of different sizes. The key to picking the deadbolt like a professional is to manipulate the small pins in the way that a key is designed to do.

Manipulating a pin and tumbler system can only be done with the right kind of lock picking tools, which includes a pick and torsion wrench. A torsion wrench is a small tool that slides into the keyhole to turn it in the direction as a key would. A pick is a thin tool that is curved at one end in order to efficiently manipulate the small pins. To pick your deadbolt, both tools must be used together by following the directions below:

  1. Put the wrench inside the keyhole as far as possible
  2. Turn the wrench like you are using a key
  3. Keep the wrench in position after it is completely turned
  4. Insert the pick inside of the keyhole
  5. Carefully listen for clicking sounds while lifting each pin
  6. Turn the doorknob after all of the pins are lifted

If you follow the directions, you should have your door opened fast. However, keep in mind that a locksmith can also get the job done if you struggle with the task.

What Does a Locksmith Charge for Lock Picking?

The price charged by a professional locksmith to pick a lock will depend on when he or she is called for assistance. For instance, it is common for the rates to be higher if you call in the middle of the night or during the holidays. You are looking to spend between $35 and $250. Don't delay calling for the service of a locksmith if you need help!