Understanding What A Locksmith Does

Locksmith Door Repair Services Include Lock Restoration And Replacement

by Maëly Richard

A variety of situations can contribute to the need for a new door or door repair services. Doors are damaged during moves, by forced entries, and during storms. Any compromise of the physical structure of a door means compromising security, a proper seal from the elements, and smooth functioning. Door repair is one of a selection of many services a locksmith can provide to help maintain the safety of a home.  

Structural damage

Door damage isn't always due to a nefarious action. Lots of doors are damaged by everyday actions, such as moving oversized furniture through the entryway without removing the door completely, leaving the door to blow open in high winds, or slamming. While these actions generally impact the hinges or jam, they can also damage the lock if the doorknob is bent or forced. 

Assessment by a professional locksmith helps determine the extent of the repairs required and if a full replacement is the best option. For repairs, locksmiths carry specialized tools that assist with manipulating the interior components of locks and restoring them to their proper position instead of replacing the full lock unit.

Lock repair and replacement

For locks with severe damage to the internal mechanism, a replacement may be needed. In addition to performing repairs, locksmiths also carry and sell an assortment of locks and related accessories. They should be able to supply a lock to fit any standard residential or commercial door. For homes or businesses with a high number of keyholders, the locksmith can also replicate as many additional keys as needed. 

Reprogramming security features

Like traditional locks, key fob systems and other electronic entry options can suffer from impact damage. They also have the added possibility of being damaged by electrical surges or water incursion into a previously sealed box. Electrical systems often require more detailed troubleshooting that involves reviewing the physical components as well as the system software. 

A locksmith can clean and repair the outer box and then review the reader to determine if it was damaged. Key fobs transmit unique signals via radio waves, making it necessary for the fixed units on a building or home to receive the signal in order for people to gain entry. If the installation of new readers is necessary, the locksmith may need to reprogram individual key fobs or issue new ones to ensure everyone retains access. 

The same assessments can be completed for smart locking systems on a door, and a good locksmith is also able to replace or upgrade a system when necessary. Contact a local door repair service to learn more.