Understanding What A Locksmith Does

The Common Lock And Door Issues In Your Business That Require The Attention Of A Competent Commercial Locksmith

by Maëly Richard

Door knobs, locks, and handles are among the most critical security features in a door. They are also the parts of the door that wear out faster because of repeated use. Also, as the door ages naturally, the moving parts will start having complications due to rusting and natural wear and tear. When the doors and locks get damaged, thieves will have easy access to your business.

It is advisable to know when to call a competent locksmith to repair your defective doors and locks. These three common issues are perfect reasons to hire commercial locksmith services for your business. 

When the Key Stops Locking the Bolt

Maybe you have tried turning the key inside the lock and noticed that even if it turns, the bolt doesn't lock. The problem happens when there are complications with the small mechanical parts of the lock. If a part of the locking mechanism is broken or not moving, the entire door of your business will not function appropriately.

This is a complicated problem that needs a thorough inspection by a competent locksmith. Commercial locksmiths are more experienced in taking the lock apart and singling out the part that is broken. If it cannot be repaired, they will request you to buy a replacement lock and install it for you.

When the Key Does Not Turn Inside the Lock

The second common problem with the door is when the key gets inside the lock, but it does not turn. When this happens, most business owners try to apply more force to turn the key. If the key is weak or worn out, it will break. Sometimes, the problem could be a simple rusting inside the lock, which increases the friction, interfering with the locking mechanism. It could also be a little issue that can be resolved with proper lubrication.

However, at other times the problem could be bigger than rust or poor lubrication. If the key won't come out or you already broke it inside the lock, call in a commercial locksmith for professional assistance.

When the Latch Is Not Properly Aligned

For the door mechanism to work, the latch must align to the part of the locking mechanism in the door frame. If you try to lock and notice that it does not catch the strike plate, you will need a reliable locksmith to adjust the plate.

A competent commercial locksmith will perform a quick diagnostic test on your door to determine which part is damaged. They will then recommend the perfect repair or replacement part. Look for a commercial locksmith service in your area for help with your business's locks.