Understanding What A Locksmith Does

3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Rekeying

by Maëly Richard

Rekeying involves the configuration of your lock so that you can open it using different keys. This method saves you from the hassle of purchasing a new lock. As a result, you will save money because rekeying is cheaper than replacing your lock system. The process is also faster, so you don't have to worry about wasting time when dealing with a problem that requires rekeying.

You may hesitate to seek rekeying services because of certain misconceptions. For instance, you may be concerned that the locksmith will remain with a copy of your key. Such myths aren't true as rekeying experts treat their job with utmost professionalism.

Here are ways your business can benefit from rekeying. 

Leasing a Used Building

If you are leasing a used building, there's a probability the former occupant may have a copy of the keys. Some of their former employees and associates, such as vendors and business partners, may possess keys to some sections of the building. For example, the person who was in charge of the warehouse might have duplicates of the keys, which they can use to enter the facility and steal valuables. Also, the security personnel may have copies of the main gate keys, compromising your overall business security.

You should seal every security loophole instead of making assumptions that could prove to be costly. If your inventory and other valuables are stolen, it can eventually derail your company's progress and even force you to shut down. Moreover, if an intruder gains access to unauthorized data or information, they could leak it to rival companies, jeopardizing your business's development.

Buying a New Building

If you have bought a new building, you may think you are safe and don't need rekeying, but this misconception is a mistake. Construction workers, real estate agents, and the cleaning staff have previously accessed your building, and they might have copies of the keys. While nothing bad might happen, the risk of doing nothing isn't worth it. 

Rekeying will give you peace of mind as you will be guaranteed your property is safe. If you aren't sure about installing security measures after purchasing a new building, you should talk to your rekeying expert for advice. 

Older Keys

If your older keys and locks give you problems, for example, if the locks are hard to open, or the keys don't turn smoothly, you may need rekeying. The keys can break off while opening the locks, or the unit may refuse to open. Hence, you may be unable to access your building or certain rooms, inconveniencing you. Your company's everyday operations may also be affected as the problem may compel you to close your business for a few hours. Temporary closure can lead to loss of revenue, and you may even lose some customers.

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